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Acrylic traffic paint ready for direct use for out-of-city and city road marking, to use with addition of glass beads.
The paint is made on the basis of acrylic resins. The chemical composition of the Kontur's paint guarantees their long life, quick drying as well as bright and steady whiteness.

Kontur paint shall be applied to clean, dry and coherent bituminous or concrete road and traffic surfaces (roadways, crossroads, yards, car parks). Kontur's traffic paint is ready for direct use. At the temperature below 10º C the paint can be diluted with 3% of organic solvent. Striping should be made at the temperature not below 5 º C on dry and clean surfaces with pneumatic or airless guns. The cleaning of the equipment should be organized with organic solvent.

Optimal application should be from 540 g/m² to 700 g/m² what gives coating thickness with glass beads from 350 µm to 450 µm. Addition of glass beads should be from 200 g/m² to 350 g/m².
Application of glass beads should be with pressure not later than 5 seconds after paint application. Recommended types of glass beads: 100/600 H(T), 125/630 MB9B2H(T) produced by Interminglass Co. Ltd. or MB.1.B2. T(P) produced by Sovitec.

Dry-to-touch time of paint is from 8 to 20 minutes depends on weather conditions. Paint is prepared for airless and pneumatic stripers.

30 kg. metal pails

Additional Colors:
Paint is available also in yellow, red and black color

Technical data sheet of Kontur paint:

Name "KONTUR" traffic paint
Field of application For striping in city conditions and on roads without lighting
Density 1,55±0,05
Share of dry substances 77±2
Viscosity with 200±0,5
(Ford cup - B? - 4)
85 - 115
Filter 140 µm
Time of drying 8 - 11 min
Storing term in closed package 12 months
Package 30 kg

Product of Poland 


IBDiM (The Polish Institute for the Roads and Bridges) Technical Approval no:nr. AT/2006-03-1266/1 (572 KB)

National Certificate of Conformity nr. KCZ IBDiM - 14-3/2015

Hygienic Certificate from Polish National Institute of Hygiene no: HK/B/1267/01/2010(212 kB)

Certificate IPO no: 046/IPO-BC/2006 (130kB)

Product Safety Characteristic Card - white colour

Technical feature (64 kB)


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