Two Component Cold Plastic
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Konturplast is a two component acid cold-curing material. It is a solvent-free product with high solid contents, and its composition contains reflective glass micro-beads is designed for horizontal road marking signs (separating lines, arrows, cross roads, pictograms, etc.) on asphalt paving with heavy road traffic. Konturplast exist in two color white and red.

The product consists of Component A material and Component B, peroxide hardener for road marking paints. The mixture should be prepared immediately before use. The amount of Component B to be added depends on the ambient temperature. In order to obtain the reflective effect, glass micro beads or the mixture of micro beads and the coursing agent should be applied immediately onto the wet coating. Thanks to the glass micro beads contents in Component A the reflective effect remains at a stable level throughout the operation period. The product should be applied by means of special road marking machines, Cold plastic applicator or by means of a pattern (1.5- 3 mm thick).

Konturplast should be applied on clean and dry bituminous and concrete substrate, free from dust, sand or oil. In order to obtain homogeneity of material in the original packaging, it should be carefully stirred before use. Once homogenous mixture is obtained, start the application immediately. The recommended thickness of the applied coating ranges from 1.5 to 3.0 mm . Such layer thickness secures maintaining the required parameters throughout the operation period. The material should be applied at the air temperature range of 5- 45°C , and the relative air humidity not exceeding 80%. Material application in case of significant air humidity or substrate moisture, i.e. rain, fog, mist or dew, is impermissible. In order to obtain the reflective effect of the marking immediately after the coating application reflective glass micro beads should be applied onto the coating. The yield of glass beads should range more than 250. After finishing the application work the tools should be cleaned with the KONSOLV thinner for road marking paints.

Ilość utwardzacza należy dostosować do istniejących warunków wg tabeli: 

Weight proportion of component A to component B [%] 

Ambient temperature [oC]

Application usability of the mixture [min]

Time of restoring the traffic [min]

3 10  14 45 
2  20  10 30
1  30 8 20

Product of Poland

IBDiM (The Polish Institute for the Roads and Bridges) Technical Approval no: AT/2006-03-1981(754 kB)

National Certificate of Conformity nr. KCZ IBDiM

Hygienic Certificate from Polish National Institute of Hygiene no: HK/B/0070/01/2009 (170 kB)

Certificate IPO no: 047/IPO-BC/2006 (131kB)

Product Safety Characteristic Card -red colour (171kB)

Product Safety Characteristic Card - white colour (167kB)

Technical feature (35 kB)


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