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Product :
Solvent for acrylic traffic paints ready for direct use, for thinning traffic paints to the required viscosity or for cleaning tools used to the paints application.
The solvent is a clear, homogenous liquid, made on the basis of Toluene.

Solvent is ready for direct use to clean tools used to the paints application. Can be used also for thinning traffic paints - at the temperature below 10º C the paint can be diluted with 3% of solvent.

Solvent contains highly flammable volatile substances. It should be used in premises with well-operating ventilation system. It should be stored in original hermetically closed containers not exposed to direct sunlight action far from fire or heat sources.

18 kg. metal pails

Technical data sheet of KONSOLV solvent:

Name "KONSOLV" solvent
Density in 20 ºC 0,87 g/cm³
Storing term in closed package 12 months
Package 18 kg

Product of Poland

IBDiM (The Polish Institute for the Roads and Bridges) Technical Approval no: PZH nr. HK/B/0017/01/2008) (258kB)

Certificate IPO no: 045/IPO-BC/2006 (132kB)

Product Safety Characteristic Card (147kB)

Technical feature (24 kB)


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